Motor drivers with integrated on-axis encoder

  • moteus-r4

    Input: 8-44V
    Continuous phase current: 11A / 22A
    Basic I/O: I2C, UART

    Developer Kit / Bare Board

  • moteus-n1

    Input: 8-54V
    Continous phase current: 9A / 18A
    Basic I/O: I2C, UART
    Advanced I/O: 5V, Hall, RS422
    Board mountable

    Developer Kit / Bare Board

Quasi-direct drive servos

Robot accessories

  • pi3hat r4.5

    Raspberry Pi 3b+ / 4b expansion board
    Input: 8-54V
    CAN-FD: 5 Channels
    Integrated IMU / ARS

  • power_dist r4.5b

    Pre-charges high capacitance loads
    Input: 8-54V
    Continous / peak current: 45A / 80A

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