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mjbots pi3hat r4.5

mjbots pi3hat r4.5

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Turn a Raspberry Pi* (4b or 3b+) into a high performance robot control platform with the mbjots pi3hat.  It can power your Raspberry Pi from robot system voltage and has numerous communication interfaces to make your robot or motion control system easier to build. 

  • Voltage Input: 8V-54V
  • 5x 5Mbps independent CAN-FD interfaces
  • 1kHz attitude reference system
  • Connectors: 
    • Daisy chained XT30-M power connector
    • JST-PH3 for all CAN-FD ports
    • 40 pin Raspberry Pi GPIO
    • 0.1" connectors for I2C, UART, and 3.3V/5V power output
  • Provides up to 2.5A at 5V for the Raspberry Pi
  • Open source firmware:

It attaches to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO header and presents as a registered hat.  All the functionality is controlled by 3 separate SPI interfaces.  Depending upon the control strategy, it is possible to command and monitor 12 qdd100 servos at 1kHz or greater if they are equally distributed among the CAN-FD interfaces.


  • Mating XT30 connectors for power
  • Mating JST connectors and terminals for CAN
  • Mounting hardware to attach to a Raspberry Pi
Documentation:  *Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation
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