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moteus-n1 developer kit

moteus-n1 developer kit

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This is the developer's kit for the moteus-n1 brushless servo controller.

Specifications for the moteus-n1 controller (also available for purchase separately): 

  • 3 phase brushless FOC based control
  • Voltage Input: 10-54V (<= 12S)
  • Temperature: -40-85C
  • Peak phase current: 100A
  • Continuous phase current: 9A / 18A (w/o and w/ thermal management)
  • Peak Electrical Power: 1200W
  • Mass: 14.6g
  • Control rate: 15-30kHz
  • PWM switching rate: 15-60kHz
  • 170 MHz 32 bit STM32G4 microcroprocessor
  • Max electrical frequency: 3kHz
  • Dimensions: 46x46x8mm - CAD drawing / STEP file
  • Communications: 5Mbps CAN-FD
  • Power Connector: XT30PW-M (optional second)
  • Data Connector: JST PH-3 (optional second)
  • Auxiliary connectors (JST GH7/8) with: SPI, UART, GPIO, ADC, Quadrature, Hall, and I2C support
  • RS422 connector (JST GH6)
  • Open source firmware (Apache 2.0):

In addition, this is a development kit that includes everything you need to power up and evaluate the controller: 


Documentation is available in github and youtube: 

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