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mjbots power dist r4.5b

mjbots power dist r4.5b

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Provide power to your robot and safe pre-charging so that you can power up all those qdd100 servos (or we suppose some other high capacitance load), without letting out the magic smoke!  As a plus, a soft switch is supported, so if your robot desires, it can request the power off switch be temporarily disabled to give you time to shut down cleanly. 

  • Voltage input: 10-54V, XT90-M connector
  • Current (continuous/peak): 45A/80A
  • Data:
    • 5 Mbps CAN-FD
    • Power and energy monitoring
    • Soft switch control
  • Max load capacitance: 4000uF
  • Quiescent Current: 300uA
  • Output: 6x XT30-F
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 80mm
  • Mass: 36.0g
  • Open source firmware:
  • Mating XT30-M connectors
  • Mating XT90-F connector
  • Mating JST PH-4 switch connector and terminals
  • Mating JST PH-3 CAN connector and terminals
  • Sample illuminated rocker with cable harness


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